The Religion of Sikhs

God is present everywhere, in us — as well; yet the veil of ego separates us from Him…

The egoistic mind cannot comprehend ethical principles… and it makes the depressed soul walk blindly in darkness, never reaching the Goal. Egoism blocks the Path of spiritual growth.

The mind of an (ordinary) person is always in a chaotic state. It has five vices: lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride, and arrogance — or egoism (egocentrism).

… The true Guru is not a material body, and therefore a body cannot be an object of worship. … The salvation cannot be achieved by means of contemplating the material appearance of the Guru.

The material body of Guru Nanak served as a platform that God used for proclaiming His Message…

All the humanity was his family, and by serving the humanity he served God.

Nothing can be as valuable as contemplation of God.

Give me Your Hand, O Primordial One, Superior to everyone: only You alone can help me!

Your Will is sweet, O my Lord!… The Guru calmly withstood all tortures without a groan. The Guru was unswerving! The Guru remained calm and steadfast as the sea! The Guru was in the state of absolute bliss!

I am not afraid of tortures. Everything happens by the Will of God, therefore any torture is bliss for me.

You are proud of your empire, while I am proud of the Kingdom of Immortal God!

(His) Light merged with the Light, and the body was not found.

The teachings… insist on accepting the Will of God. It constitutes the core of the teachings of Sikhs. The mind which achieved the Enlightenment lives in accordance with the requirements of God’s commands.

Meditate day and night!…

At the end of the Path, all other works of yours will turn out futile!

Seek communication with saints!

Direct your mind only towards contemplation of God.

Direct your mind to the task of crossing the sea of life, because by seeking worldly pleasures, you waste your life.

According to Sikhism, the purpose of human life does not consist in going to paradise… described in the folk beliefs of Hindus. It consists in searching for God and achieving Unity with Him. The ultimate purpose of the religion of Sikhs consists in Mergence with the Highest Soul in Eternal Unceasing Bliss. A Sikh thirsts for a spiritual Unity with the Lord… In Sikhism, a human life is considered as an opportunity for achieving this Goal, and if this opportunity is missed, one returns to the cycle of birth and incarnates again.

(Selected excerpts from [74])