Divine Teachrs — about Themselves



… It is early morning. We have arrived on a commuter train to a station in the forest and go to Her place of power.

Suddenly, we find ourselves inside a very soft tender-goldish Light, which embraces us and fills us with quiet joy: it is Lada Who has come to meet us!

“Lada, it is so wonderful — the way You give joy to others!”

“I can teach you, too, to be joyful. I will show you what the Divine Joy is!

“This Joy is quiet… It arises in the Heart of the Absolute, in the very Primordial Depth, and comes outside as transparent warm waves, filling the space with quiet, tender, soft Light!

“And then all beings, too, begin to feel joy! Every one of them finds one’s own reason for joy:

“Dawn — early morning!…

“The rising sun strokes gently with its rays-fingers all the living!…

“Light, fluffy, soft mist dances over a lake!…

“Fresh wind caresses the face!…

“A baby embraces the mother; its head is pressed fondly against her breast!…

“A girl sits at the edge of a lake; her legs dangle in the warm pellucid water. She quietly thanks the Creator of this beauty. Joy overfills her!…


“All the living rejoice — and sing the song of love to the Creator, filling with joy the morning, the light soft mist, the wind, the sun, and the hearts open wide for love! Many hearts — from very small to giant ones — blend together in the unity of joy and the harmony of this Love!…”

… Lada — Divine Lada! — since the time of ancient Russia, She brings to incarnate people the Light from the Depths of the Creator!

When She is present — soft goldish Light is visible even in the material world… Tender beautiful face, gold hair, caress of Divine Hands filling you with bliss, harmony…

“You are so beautiful, Lada!”

“Every one of you can be just as beautiful! It is not the beauty of the hair that matters here, but the state of Love which We give with Ourselves… You have to learn to live constantly on the plane of Spirit, free from the body — as We all live…”

… Lada shows Herself in various states of harmony in nature:

… Quiet rejoicing of sunny morning…

… Washing of the forest under the showers of summer rain…

… The calm of a starry night…

And She Herself is as an integral Part of this beauty, its Divine Component! She is Brahman: God in the Creation!

Then these states begin to sound — first joyfully, then gently, as if enveloping you in the sounds… The tones change, reflecting different aspects of love: spring awakening, joy of lovers, lullaby of a mother lulling her baby…

“In Russia, there was a tradition of such songs, which were not a meditation of adepts, but a part of culture, a part of life… They were called lady. I took part in creating them.

Lady were sung in high-pitched clear voices. People sang them when seeding fields or harvesting, when two loving hearts joined together for life, when people celebrated the coming of spring; mothers sang them lulling babies or telling to children the history of the nation. This singing, which was often choral, attuned both the singers and the listeners to a higher level of subtlety of the consciousness.”

“Lada, did You incarnate Yourself from the state of Divinity?”

“Yes. It was My last incarnation.

“I sang much then. God endowed Me with a voice whose power and beauty had a strong impact on souls…

“A little girl, I would run over fields and forests and hear the lady. When I sang them — people listened with rapt attention and asked to sing more. I did not compose songs: they as if poured out from Me uniting the flow of the voice and inner state…

“As I grew up, My voice became stronger — and more important things became the theme of My songs…”

Lada shows an image: when She sang, the Divine Tenderness like a Wave rising from the Depths of the Primordial Ocean suffused the space around. People listening to Her became immersed into Her Divine Light. She gave with Herself subtlest states, and this allowed people to feel the Divine. This left indelible impressions in every soul. In Russia, people remembered Her for a long time, narrated legends about Her, and asked Divine Lada to help them to live in subtlety and love…

Lada continues the narration:

“Then our village was attacked by people who began to kill the villagers and burn the houses… I knew the power of My voice and was sure that I could stop them. I went towards them and sang…

“I was very astonished when they killed My body. They could not hear the voice of the soul…

“I have not embodied Myself since that time. However, I continued to sing the songs of love to souls, and sometimes they heard Me — better or worse… I sing now as well… Listen to Me…

“I will wash your eyes with morning dew,

“I will warm you with the caress of the sun,

“I will give you spring’s water to drink,

“I will sing for you the song of life!

“The wind will touch you with living joy!

“The sun will fill your heart with morning dawn!

“The forest will whisper to you about its love…

“The music of the universe will flow in Heaven…

“Hear: your heart wants to sing its song,

“And to say to all the living: ‘I love you!’

“And the voice of the Father of all the living

“Will sound in this song!

“Sing to the Father

your song of love!

“And God will gladly receive your love

and will embrace you!”

* * *

“An incarnate person goes through his or her karma and thus changes the course of events in the personal destiny. This person also changes the destinies of those who are around him or her to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how he or she behaves.

“Time will show the results of the activities of this person after disincarnating. He or she together with God will sum up everything. Then this disincarnate person, no matter how high or low he or she was, will understand everything; that is, whether he or she managed to live his or her life with God, inside God, or whether the abyss of hell is waiting for him or her.

“No one among incarnate people, even the highest ones, can see totally to what extent he or she realizes the plan of God until this person disincarnates.

“Thus We observed the destiny of one of the Greatest — Sathya Sai — Who Himself will come to you some time after disincarnating and tell you everything.

“You have done great work and laid sound foundations of knowledge that will serve for centuries, for millennia! I am talking about the books and films created by our common School!

“Yet right now humanity is bogged down in vices and is far away even from a very statement of a question about the existence of real living God, with Whom one can talk, from Whom one can learn directly and Whom one should cognize and love, perceiving Him in His totality and merging with Him, with all of Us!

“As it happened before, the total collapse of civilizations that exist on the Earth now is unavoidable! But the planet Earth is quite suitable for the existence of humans and other living beings, and it will serve more.

Adler joined to the conversation and added:

“Not for the subsequent years, but for 100 or more, the criterion for evaluating the prospects of the existence of civilizations will be determined by how people perceive the Teachings of God that We transmit through you.

* * *

“Understand, please, how it is important to teach children to love the Good not out of fear of punishment and not just out of obedience!

“The perverted art of this time prevents Us from helping children fully! It is so difficult to reach them as souls through the ‘wall of virtual computer shooters’ and soulless ‘superheroes’, through female and male images, distorted by the ‘industry of profit’!

“Almost no inspiring personages that can teach to choose Good, Love and Light consciously are left in books and films, read and watched by children!

“See how terrifying it is what quite normal children — good children — play in and dream about! When they reach 18 or 20 years of age, they don’t know what they want to live for. And those who don’t learn anything anymore and don’t grow as souls walk on the earth, those whom death embraced even before their bodies die!

“Of course, not all people are like this. There are some exceptions, but it is so difficult for them to survive in this spiritually deprived desert!

“Help Us!”

* * *

“A mirror-like surface of water is an embodiment of calm, and if, additionally, morning mist is illuminated by the sunlight, this is sattvic silence of full value! Those who can attune to it touch a state of paradise.”